Genesis House BoatGenesis House Boat
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Time Spent Here Is Going To Be Your Favorite Moments Ever!


Dining Onboard

There is nothing on earth like the real Aleppey cuisine. From freshly caught pearl spot fry to the Aleppey style juicy chicken curry that defies all descriptions, flavorsome food is served onboard. We also suggest that you stop by the local toddy shops to taste sheer bliss!

Village Walks

The palm-fringed shores of Aleppey are home to colorful Indian villages. We arrange village walks for you where you can take a peek at the everyday life of natives…you could buy the day’s fresh catch from the local markets, say hello to the farmers on fields or feed the flocks of ducks in the lagoons.

Amenities offered

Brimming with grace and comfort, Genesis houseboats are a splendor in itself. They are tastefully furnished and equipped with luxurious amenities. From cable television and wifi to the lush bath that rivals a star hotel’s, we have everything onboard to make your backwater tour a pleasurable memory.

Inspired by the Original

Genesis houseboats are carefully designed and remain loyal to the traditional Kettuvallom designs. Original Kettuvalloms were the large boats from yore built by binding wood planks with ropes and not even a single nail fastened into it. They were used as cargo boats to transport men and material. Sometimes used as the living quarters of royalty, we can see how they inspired today’s houseboat architects.


We are Huge Fans of Hygiene.We believe that taking our guest with us is meant to give enjoyable cruise and tasty food, most importantly, in a Hygienic way. Wearing a Smile on your face is our happiness.

Keeps Cool

Its our prestige to introduce Refrigerator on board inside the Houseboat. Take this opportunity to get very exclusive facility from Genesis Houseboat.


Turning off your Email, Facebook, WhatsApp or something else annoys you. Don’t worry we are here to help you with WiFi for you. Never get disconnected to internet.


Are you a foreigner to India? Are you worried on payment while planing your tours with us? We are here for a hassles payment to ease you tour booking with us. We accept PayPal.Get the great choice at the check out.


Sneak a peek! Know though that the real deal is even more stunning!